HAMster Group....

Houston, Texas:


The HAMster Group Frequencies

144.180 USB {National Frequency}

146.520 FM {National Frequency}



Activities and Events


HAMster Nets

HAMster 2 Meter Weak Signal Net

Sunday Evenings @7:pm on 144.205 USB/Horizontally polorized

HAMster 6 Meter Weak Signal Net

Thursday Evenings @7:pm on 50.130 USB/Horizontally polorized



HAMster Amateur Radio Group

Promoting VHF/UHF Weak Signal Activity since 2006

Get in touch: CW/SSB Phone/Meteor Scatter and EME

SSB Operation: 50.130/144.180 Repeater Operation: 147.120 pl 82.5/145.350 pl 82.5